The Lost Creek Hiking Trail is 20 minutes south of Rochester MN.  The trail runs in one direction, with parking located at Groen Park in Chatfield as well as the Ninebark Road Trailhead.  The trail is accessible from other roadways, however no formal parking if offered at these locations.

The Lost Creek Hiking Trail was built and is maintained by the Bluff Country Hiking Club.  The original opening date was in 2011.  The trail runs across private land, so please respect landowners by following the rules posted on signs.  The trail is natural soil and grass, with certain parts of the trail running on gravel or asphalt roads.  This “human-powered trail” is closed during deer firearms season but is otherwise free and open to the public.

Please stay on the trail and observe trail signs and tree markings to find your way.  Blue arrows point toward Ninebark road and white arrows point toward Chatfield.  (insert below the white arrows and the blue arrows as a picture)   

Enjoying Your Hike

Stay on the marked trail at all times

When on paved or gravel roads, stay on the left side of the road or on the marked hiking lane (County 2)

Cross the roads at the trail markers

Watch for vehicles and farm equipment. Avoid cattle and the personal pets of landowners.

Be respectful of landowners private property by reading trail signs to comply to the rules for each section of the trail

Stay aware of your approximate location in case of emergency

The Following is Not Allowed




Bicycling on natural surface parts of the trail (all non-roadways)

Horses or other pack animals

Gathering of firewood

Foraging for mushrooms and other vegetation

Motorized vehicles

Dogs – the exception is on the Carson-Groen trail section. Our club loves dogs and so do our landowners. However hikers’ dogs are not welcome to visit with livestock and landowners’ dogs.